Heidenhain’s reliable CNC drives and motors will fit any precision machine tool.

Heidenhain has produced high accuracy position measuring systems, gauges, metrology  and CNC components for precision machine tools, automated machines and production systems since 1947.  Our reliable CNC’s, drives,  motors  and position feedback devices fit any precision machine tool. Heidenhain linear, rotary and angular feedback devices  have become the world standard for accuracy in motion controlled feedback solutions.   Heidenhain manufactures the following products in Traunreut, Germany:

  • Angle Encoders-absolute & incremental
  • Linear Encoders -absolute & incremental in glass ceramic and steel
  • Rotary Encoders-absolute & Incremental
  • CNC contouring controls
  • Computer diagnostic systems and interface electronics
  • Digital servo and spindle motors
  • Digital servo and spindle drives with associated electronics
  • Digital readout systems (DRO)
  • Length Gauges
  • Magnetic linear and rotary encoders
  • Touch Probes (contact, ultrasonic and infrared)

All Heidenhain measuring products are built around the concept of precision graduations in a process invented by Heidenhain and is a decisive factor in the function and accuracy of encoders, gauges, controls and touch probes. These graduations are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences as well as to vibration and shock. And, all measuring devices are calibrated to a NIST standard and have a defined thermal behavior that completes every consideration affecting the accuracy and consistency of your manufacturing measurement needs.

Heidenhain has appointed CIM Technologies as an authorized distributor because of our extensive experience with CNC machinery. We offer CNC retrofit services on large milling machines nationwide. We can supply installation, service or replacement and repair parts for all your Heidenhain components.

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