Angle encoders from Heidenhain are used with rotary tables, dividing apparatuses and high precision angle measuring tables.

Heidenhain offers three types of encoders for angle measurement:

    • Angle Encoders are characterized by extreme accuracy of one angular second or better. These devices are used with rotary tables, swivel heads of machine tools, dividing apparatuses, high-precision angle measuring tables, precision devices in angular metrology, antennas and telescopes, medical equipment. These are available with integral bearing in a sealed case with solid or hollow shaft. Models are available for exposed application where environmental control is employed.
    • Rotary Encoders from Heidenhain serve as measuring sensors for rotary motion, angular velocity and mechanical measuring standards such as lead screws for linear motion. Application areas include electrical motors, printing machines, machine tools, textile machines, woodworking machines, robots and handling devices. Various other devices like measuring, testing and inspection also use rotary encoders.

– Mounting variants for rotary encoders include solid or hollow shaft coupling.


    • Modular encoders (ERM) without integral bearingfrom Heidenhain consist of a magnetized scale drum and a scanning unit with magnetorestive sensor.   Their MAGNODUR measuring standard and the magnetoresitive scanning principle make them especially tolerant to contamination.

– Typical fields of application include machines and equipment with large hollow shaft diameters in environments with large amounts of airborne particles and liquids.