Heidenhain’s digital readouts increase productivity with productivity for small batch production.

Digital readouts or measured value acquisition and display.   Heidenhain digital readouts (including Acu Rite and Anilam) serve to visualize the values measured with linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders. Areas of application include:


– Measuring and inspection equipment
– Dividing apparatuses
– Monitoring of measuring equipment
– Manual tools
– Measuring machines
– Interface electronics
– Evaluation electronics

Digital readouts for manual machine tools increase your productivity when running repetitive machining for small batch production.  This includes milling machines, lathes and positioning devices from three to six axes and all machines where axis slides are moved manually.

Digital readouts from Heidenhain feature a data interface for further processing in the higher-level electronics or simply to print out the measured values.

Digital readouts for metrology applications offer numerous functions for measured data acquisition and statistical evaluation of measured values including 2 and 3D contours, Tool-chek and Gage-chek for a PC. Applications include:

– SPC inspection stations
– Tool pre-setter
– Profile projector
– Measuring microscope
– Coordinate measuring machine