Heidenhain PWM 20-Portable Diagnostic and Alignment System

The Heidenhain phase width modulation (PWM) unit has been available for diagnostic and systems alignment in the field, for many years. It has been updated over time to accommodate any Heidenhain metrology product advancements in feedback signals and reduced in size.  The newest model PWM 20operates on a  Windows OS. A small signal conversion device is connected by USB to the PC and the system is ready to display the signals of any Heidenhain device.

Previous versions of the PWM were large, cumbersome and expensive.

Our PWM 20 is light, compact and very affordable. The Heidenhain aluminum case contains the signal conversion device, as many cable adapters as you may need as well as a true industrial laptop. The Panasonic Toughbook PC measures just 11” x 13” x 1.5” and weighs 4 lbs. It is equipped with a true serial port, 2 USB ports, CD drive, and a memory stick port. The 256MB HD is shock mounted to survive a 5’ drop onto concrete! All ports are covered and the unit is water resistant with a sealed keyboard.

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The PWM Software is loaded and everything, including Windows 7, is backed up on a memory stick.
Of course the PWM system can be installed on your own PC but common laptops or tablets are not resistant to factory conditions. Your maintenance team will want the unit to work every time they need it. Computer failure must be minimized. This unit will be there when needed.
For service shops, such as motor rebuilders, the unit is available without the Heidenhain aluminum service case and can be ordered with only the adapter cables you commonly use.
We will produce custom cables with any connector you need. We also offer a breakout board for fly lead connection if desired.

The PWM 20 will display feedback signals from any Heidenhain device regardless of vintage. Now you can quickly determine whether you need repair or replacement of your feedback device or if alignment is a cure for your problem. The unit can operate in either open or closed loop. In open loop it can be connected to any Heidenhain device whether installed or on the bench. In closed loop, the CNC system will operate the machine normally while diagnostics or alignment is accomplished.

We offer one year free replacement on everything.
PWM software updates are free for life and available at www.heidenhain.com.
Operation training can be conducted on site. Telephone or email support is free.
This is a great value on a powerful tool to make your life with Heidenhain easier.
Call us today for a custom quote to suit your application.