Heidenhain length gauges are manufactured for absolute position and incremental linear measurement.

Heidenhain length gauges are characterized by long measuring ranges and consistent high accuracy.  They have a wide range of applications in production metrology, multipoint inspection stations, measuring and monitoring equipment and as position measuring devices. There are two basic types of length gauges: Absolute position measurement and incremental linear measurement.  Both gauge types are characterized by:

  • Large measuring rangesHeidenhain length gauges are available with measuring lengths of 12mm, 25mm, 30mm, 60mm, or 100mm.
  • High accuracy applies over the entire measuring length from 10mm to 100mm, its actual dimension is always measured with the same high quality.  In particular, Heidenhain-Certo length gauges provide high linear accuracy and offer resolution in the nanometer range.


  • Accuracy gradesas fine as +/-0.1um
  • Designed for a Wide Range of applicationsincluding automatic inspection equipment, manual measuring stations or positioning equipment.  Wherever lengths , spacing, thickness, height or linear motion are to be measured, Heidenhain length gauges function quickly, reliability and accurately.
  • Measuring lengths up to 100mm
  • Robust design Heidenhain length gauges are built for an industrial environment and can be used in production equipment and machines.  They feature consistently high accuracy over a long period of time as well as high thermal stability.